The New Era was written with Success!

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Congratulations to both men and women’s team. Remember back at Mohican in July, the main objective was for BOTH teams to make it to state. Through very hard work, dedication to God and most importantly staying positive throughout some rough times, YOU all accomplished this goal!

I know the bar for our program had been set very high over the years. However, please take note that it is NOT failure if you come up short on the higher – more lofty goal. Review each and every race you ran this season. Critique your workouts. Determine where improvement can be made. This is what I do after every season – even when we win a state championship or have an individual win a state title. God blesses each of you with your gifts. They are never to become complacent. So, there is always room to improve.

I want to thank the seniors, Mia, Michaela, Allison, Katie, Lana, Connor, Luke and Shane for your hard work throughout these four years of our journey. You all are now “owners” of the Fighting Irish XC program. To all of the rest of you, I also thank you for being open-minded and patient with me as we transition this year towards this New Chapter(s) in the story of the Fighting Irish XC teams.

Please do not forget the banquet on Monday November 21st at 7 pm.

I am attaching the link for the state finals as well as the Regional finals.!AlMMInR3s6uQh4ZcIB3QMUJlvPotyA (state championship)!AlMMInR3s6uQh4UrVKRRsQF2abxmpw (regional finals)



Author: dlancian

I am the Head Cross Country and Track/Field coach for St. Vincent - St. Mary High School

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