Congratulations to all the Irish runners today. We had 8 coed teams running the friendly 2 mile relay race at Malone College. It was Irish #7 consisting of Matt Sollenberger, Isabella Ceepo, Yale Dulaney, Lana Wallace and Colin Scahill taking first place by a mere .01 seconds over Irish team number 1 consisting of Desmond Rock, Natalie Tobin, Ryan Zilka, Maria Leeser and Conner Handley. The course was far more challenging than the Districts last year. But, all of you managed to run with intention and desire. Remember, stay positive and enjoy every moment with each other.


I just want to send final reminder to all cross country runners about the beginning of the 2016 campaign. It all begins this Monday at 7:00 pm at Firestone Metro Park – Tuscawara lot. Please remember to bring plenty of water. We are going to be in for some very hot temperatures and hydration is crucial. Also, if you have not gotten new runner shoes, please consider getting them as soon as possible. For those of you who cannot make the first session, please begin following the routine we have outlined. If you do not have this routine, go to the link on this site for that information.


We are about a week away from the beginning of a “New Era”. I would like all of the athletes to consider the following quote:

“Life is paradise for those that enjoy many things with a passion”. Buscaglia 1992. 

I would like to suggest to all the xc runners to consider beginning the 2016 chapter of xc as one of those things to enjoy with a passion. Begin by opening your eyes, ears, heart and soul to everyone on the team. Include everyone – even their flaws and shortcomings. We are all one family. Let’s take this journey together and see where it takes us! The journey is going to make many twists and turns. It is how you approach these paths that is going to dictate your final destination. Look always for the joy and satisfaction that will occur every day if you allow it.

Track & Field 4×200 Relay Bring Home the Gold!

* photo compliments of Eric King

STVM brought home another State Banner in the Division II Boys 4×200 Relay. Above pictured are the members of that relay: Leonard Younger, Gonzalo Diago, Malik Wooldridge and DeAmonte’ King.

STVM track and field athletes went down to Columbus on June in 2nd qualifying in 6 events. The placed on the podium in 5 of those- Goal Accomplished! Congratulations to our athletes and Head Coach, Dan Lancianese on yet another successful season.

Below is a listing of the events we qualified for and where we placed:

4X200 Relay: Gonzalo Diago, DeAmonte’ King, Malik Wooldridge, Leonard Younger- 1st place-STATE CHAMPIONS

High Jump: Varney Pelima- did not place (injured)
Long Jump: Olivia Flesher – 11th place
300 M Hurdles: Sara Foster- 5th place
4X400 Relay: Gonzalo Diago, Vincent Diago, DeAmonte’ King, Daniel Long- 2nd place
4X800 Relay: Brian Heller, Connor McIntyre, Sean O’Brien, Patrick Walter- 8th place
800: Brian Heller- 5th place
400: DeAmonte King- 3rd place
Alternates: Brady Large, Kendall Shadie, Myles Williams, Jayden Davis, Desmond Rock, Darius Irons, Micheala McVicker, Maddie McSteen, Ceceila Walter