The Fighting Irish Track and Field team have qualified in 12 events for the indoor state track and field championship at Spire on Saturday March 7th starting at 9:30 am.

The events that have qualified are as follows:

The ladies 4 x 800 relay team consisting of Theresa Hagey, Laney King, Emily Bame and Natalie Tobin

The ladies 4 x 200 relay team consisting of Kya Epps, Aminah Claxton, Kayla Liggins and Olivia Mathis

Kya Epps in the 60 meter dash
Aminah Claxton in the 400 meter dash
Natalie Tobin in the 800 meter run
Emily Bame in the 800 meter run
Theresa Hagey in the 1600 meter run

The guys 4 x 800 relay team consisting of Chase Powers, Nathan Snipes, Andrew McSteen and Nasari Epps

The guys 4 x 200 relay team consisting of Darian Lewis, Mason Stephens, Desmond Manley and Theon Mascenharas

Blake Siffirlin in the pole vault

Nasari Epps in the 800 meter run
Chase Powers in the 800 meter run



Junior Theresa Hagey wins yet another invite at the Legends of Cross Country Championship. Her win led the Lady Irish to another impressive first place crown.

Theresa’s title was impressive, but it was the strength of her teammates that was the dominating factor that will be noted throughout the state. The Lady Irish placed the next 6 spots in the top 25 and were separated by only 40 seconds. The Lady Irish team consisted of Amelia Moll, Natalie Tobin, Katie Saum, Olivia Kindbon, Emily Bame and Sadie Porchowsky.



team legends


The guys team also conquered the field in great fashion with an impressive title and all 5 runners landing in the top 20. The guys were led by Chase Powers, Nasari Epps, Jake Pentasuglio, Nick Steel, and Andrew McSteen.


pack to the title.jpgcapture the title.jpg

The Fighting Irish stepped up big time at the All Catholic Invitational this past weekend at Indian Riffle Park in Kettering, Ohio. Both teams not only won the Silver division, they also won the overall divisions. This is the first time in the 17 years we that we have done this well. The key to the success was the fight to the finish that each and every runner showed despite the heat.

Junior Theresa Hagey won her 2nd consecutive overall title. All 7 girls placed in the top 20 in the Silver division. Theresa was followed by Amelia Moll, Olivia Kindbom, Katie Saum and Natalie Tobin.

Senior Nasari Epps led the way for the guys team with a strong 6th place finish. He was closely followed by Chase Powers who finished in 9th place. Jake Pentasuglia, Nick Steel and Andrew McSteen rounded out the scoring for the Irish.

Two more invitationals left before the post season mountains begin!

Irish Ladies earn Queen of the Hill Honors @ Boardman



Girls D2 Varsity Winner - Theresa Hagey - STVM - 3 - HighResThe Fighting Irish Ladies made a huge statement this past Saturday at the Boardman cross country invitational.T hey not only won the tournament by over 50 points against 35 teams, they were honored by being the best team overall in all three division with the best team average time.

Junior Theresa Hagey won the invite in convincing fashion by over 40 seconds. She was followed by Katie Saum, Olivia Kindbom, Amelia Moll, Natalie Tobin, Sadie Porchowsky and Quincy Powers.

Also worth noting was the first place finish by Sophomore Rebka Lile in the girls open race.

The guys team also fared very well with a third place finish against 40 teams. The Irish were led by Senior Nasari Epps. He was followed by Chase Powers, Andrew McSteen, Nick Steel and Andy Thomas.

The girls team is currently ranked 3rd in the state.The guys team is ranked 5th in the state.

The following link has several photos taken by Christian Lile who works for Ohio Mile Split.






Congratulations to the Men’s and Women’s teams for capturing the title in their respective divisions in dominating fashion. The men’s team won with 19 points and all 7 runners finishing in the top 15. The Ladies team had 6 finish in the top 10.

The Men started the day off with Senior Nasari Epps leading the way. He was followed by Chase Powers, Andrew McSteen, Nick Steel, Jackson Deitrick, Kevin Rybka and Jake Pentasuglio.

The Women’s team was lead by Theresa Hagey. She was followed by Katie Saum, Natalie Tobin, Sadie Porchowsky, Olivia Kindbom, Amelia Moll and Emily Bame.

For the rest of the Fighting Irish runners also had a great showing. This is the first time we had all of the guys run 24 minutes or better. For the ladies this was the first time we had everyone under 27 minutes. The Irish depth was on full display.



shell photo


It was a perfect day to run the 18th Annual Matt Kauffman 5k Memorial run. It was topped off by honoring long time coach of cross country and track/field Bob Shell. Coach Shell dedicated over 12 years to our Fighting Irish program. I want to personally thank Coach Shell for his years of service.

Congratulations to Junior Theresa Hagey for being the overall winner in the women’s division with a time of 19:30. This is her third straight title. Congratulations to graduate Alex Phillip (19) for his repeat win in the Men’s division with a time of 17:06.

Thank you to all of the parents and friends who donated gift cards and side dishes to our event. It was great way to begin the season.



The Fighting Irish went down to the OHSAA State Finals in 10 events and placed in 7 events. The Lady Irish had 6 events entered and placed in 5 to earn the honor of 2nd place as a team. Here are the individual event results:

Ladies 4 x 800 relay team 2nd place (Theresa Hagey, Nina Zraik, Emily Bame, Natalie Tobin and Laney King)

Kya Epps 4th in the 100 meter and 2nd in the 200 meter

Aminah Claxton 5th in the 400 meter

Theresa Hagey 6th in the 1600 meter

Matt Sollenberger 4th in the 1600 meter

Alex Phillip 6th in the 3200 meter

Congratulations to all podium finishers.  This now makes 161 state award winners for SVSM. I would encourage everyone to go over to the Cosgrove Building and look at the other Fighting Irish Podium winners. It is an exceptional honor to earn a state medal.


Congratulations to both the Men’s and Women’s team for their performance at the Regional Track and Field finals in Austintown Fitch. The Lady Irish captured the title with 6 events qualifying to the state and 4 events for the guys team. The guys team finished in 7th place. Here are the qualifying events:

mens  4 x 800 relay (Chase Powers, Colin Scahill, Alex Phillip, Matt Sollenberger)
womens 4 x 800 (Theresa Hagey, Nina Zraik, Emily Bame, Natalie Tobin)
Kya Epps 100 meter and 200 meter dash
Aminah Claxton 400 meter
Theresa Hagey 1600 meter run
Matt Sollenberger 1600 meter run and 800 meter run
Alex Phillip 3200 meter run
women’s 4 x 400 relay (Aminah Claxton, Emily Bame, Laney King, Olivia Mathis)