Staying along with the entirely unusual year this has been, the state finals was very odd in regards to the weather. The conditions were more like the first invite of the year, rather than the last with the temperatures soaring to mid 70s by the time the race was contested.

When the race ended, the team consisting of Theresa Hagey, Kate Saum, Aislynn McVicker, Olivia Kindbom, Sadie Porchowsky, Anne Rea and Amelia Moll finished in 3rd place as a team. They missed the title by a mere 22 points and the runner spot by only 8 pts.

On the men’s side, Senior Chase Powers represented the Fighting Irish with a strong performance. However, the heat played havoc on Chase and he fought to a 77 finish.

Congratulations to all of the 2020 Fighting Irish Cross Country team. This season will go down in the history books like no other year. All of the athletes showed their resilience and their perseverance each and everyday. We never knew from one day to the next if the season was even going to be completed.

I want to personally thank all team members, coaches and families for keeping the faith and allowing God to keep us all grounded and focused.

Thanks to Mr. Lisle, here are some photos he took:!AlMMInR3s6uQielPqU14XNiLqTPzsg?e=pgzDm6

Now let the Indoor Track and Field season begin!

Author: dlancian

I am the Head Cross Country and Track/Field coach for St. Vincent - St. Mary High School

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