Hagey state

Freshman Theresa Hagey individually finished in 8th place overall to become the 150th Fighting Irish cross country or track and field athlete to earn a state place and a spot on the wall of honor in the Cosgrove building. Theresa saved her best race for last as she clocked a time of 18:44 to lead the way for the Lady Irish to a 4th place team finish.

Theresa was followed by Leah Lisle who finished in 24th place to earn All Ohio status. Nina Zraik. Quincy Powers and Elaina Mendiola rounded out the scoring for the Fighting Irish.

On the Men’s side, Alex Phillip earned All Ohio honors with his 22nd finish. The story of the day was the fantastic finish push in the last 400 meters by the next 4 Fighting Irish runners (Matt Sollenberger, Colin Scahill, Patrick white and Sean O’Brien) as they combined to pass over 30 runners to give the Irish a strong 3rd place finish.

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Once again, the Fighting Irish Men’s and Women’s team battle the elements and come out on top! It was a very cold, wet and windy day to say the least at the Regional Finals. Yet, despite the conditions, the Irish move on to another quest at a state title!

Both the guys and girls teams will be making the journey to Hebron this upcoming Saturday. For the ladies, it will be their 10 straight trip. For the guys, it is their 8 trip in 10 years and 15 trip in 18 years.

If you would like to see more photos, please check the following link – courtesy of Christian Lisle.!AlMMInR3s6uQh8tnGqvWlTf1xrrBZg






Congratulations to both Men’s and Women’s team for their dominating performance at the Malone District on Saturday. The Fighting Irish ran with a sense of purpose and it showed as they both were able to stake their claim (flag) as the District champions. This is the 11th straight title for the Ladies team and the 6th title in 11 years for the guys.

Now the highest mountain is before us – Regionals this coming Saturday at Boardman. The Ladies attempt to conquer this mountain at 11:45 and the Guys go off at 2:15 pm.

Here is the link to the rest of the photos thanks to the expertise of Christian Lisle!AlMMInR3s6uQh8Ut_wX-cS2ouUxd2w



LEGENDS STARTLADIES LEGEND START.JPGBoth the Men’s and Women’s teams showed very well in the last regular season race of the season. The guys ended up on top winning the title against 54 teams. The ladies ended up in 2nd place. The course was extended by about 30 meters to make up for the amount of runners. That is why the times were a touch slower. However, the fight and determination showed by the Irish was a perfect preview of what should be expected as the road to Columbus starts with Districts at Glenoak on the 21st of October.


Once again, thanks to the outstanding pictures by Mr. Lisle, the link is listed here:!AlMMInR3s6uQh8EU6-W5KfHhrsxP3A



On a day made for a runner, the Fighting Irish stepped up big time among some of the best competition not only in the state but also in the country. When the day was over, 2 guys ran times that are ranked as the best in the country! Our Irish did not disappoint either as 90% of the Irish posted their fastest times of the year.

The two photos above depict our Freshmen/Sophomores who scored a 7th place and 4th place respectfully. Outstanding job for our younger runners. The Race of Champions had the guys finish in 8th place and the ladies finish in 10th place out of 37 teams entered. There was only three total teams including the Irish that were designated as division II teams.

Now the journey goes to one last regular season race. Envision the Highest Peak!

Here are more pictures – courtesy of Christian Lisle!AlMMInR3s6uQh7h9NqBMd5DcuheCmw

Both Irish win Titles – Despite the Heat

God tested our teams mental toughness this weekend starting with the journey down and the flat tire on our bus that kept us in the sweltering heat for over 2 hours. But, the determination and dedication of the Fighting Irish showed up the next day. Congratulations to both the men’s and women’s team for their title wins in the All Catholic.

Here is the link to more photos – courtesy of Mr. Lisle.!AlMMInR3s6uQh7M1l4yD-IWlcs6rsw

all catholic ladies start.JPG



all catholic guys start.JPG




The Boardman Invitational was just as expected – A TOTAL MAD HOUSE! In the guys race there were 52 teams and 405 runners. On the ladies side, there were 60 teams and 365 runners. unlike the Tiffin course, this one is even more narrow. Yet despite these barriers, the Irish stepped up big. On the guys side, they improved from last week as a pack and finished in a strong 3rd place only losing to NDCL by 20 and Woodridge by 3.

On the ladies side, they finished in 2nd place behind Hawkins with two runners from our top 5 still out.

Not to be outdone by the varsity races was our open races. The Lady Irish dominated the field and won the race with Nicole Reese and Maria Leeser finishing 1st and 2nd. On the guys side, they finished in 2nd place with Jake Pentasuglio finishing in a strong 4th place out of 450 runners.

Here is the link to more photos – courtesy of Christian Lisle.!AlMMInR3s6uQh69FYU6gNtnrP04Tow



Congratulations to the Lady Irish for their outstanding performance at the Tiffin Invitational this past Saturday. With two of our normal top 5 runners sitting out the race, it took the grit and determination from senior Elaina Mendiola and Sophomore Natalie Tobin to team up with Freshman Theresa Hagey, Senior Leah Lisle and Junior Nina Zraik to mount a strong 2nd place finish in field of over 325 runners and 35 teams!

new xc tent .jpg

The Men’s team also performed well in a field of over 330 runners and 35 teams. The team finished 4th. They were led by Alex Phillip, Colin Scahill. Patrick White, Matt Sollenbeger and Chase Powers.

Please note the new and enlarged tent donated by the Fighting Irish XC parents. Thank you parents!

Here are the photos from the race (courtesy of Christian Lisle)!AlMMInR3s6uQh6tB0QtL6SMzaRGo1g


Avon Lake – Mountain #2 CAPTURED!


Congratulations to both the Men’s and Women’s team for another great team performance. Both teams captured 2nd place awards amongst a very strong division one field. Now, the quest begins to get more challenging. We are about the embark on our most difficult part of this journey. Envision the highest peak and continue to persevere in your God-given ability.

The link below is courtesy of Mr. Lisle once again. Thank you Mr. Lisle.!AlMMInR3s6uQh6d0jxccQCeSSQl3Cw

Glen Oak Invitational – Mountain #1 CONQUERED!


Both the Men’s and Women’s teams came out on top this past weekend at the Glen Oak Invitational. Both teams captured 1st place in a very convincing manner. The ladies had all 7 runners in the top 10 places in division 2. The guys had the top 5 runners finish in the top 10 spots. What was most impressive was that the B teams also placed in the top 10 against many division 1 teams. Great start to the season!

Thanks to the brilliant photos by Mr. Lisle, I am attaching the link to several outstanding photos. Also, please note, there is another link to a story written on Ohio Mile Split along with photos from Mr. Lisle about our team.!AlMMInR3s6uQh6JFuYbxibdHqCEgfA