Congratulations to the Lady Irish for their outstanding performance at the Tiffin Invitational this past Saturday. With two of our normal top 5 runners sitting out the race, it took the grit and determination from senior Elaina Mendiola and Sophomore Natalie Tobin to team up with Freshman Theresa Hagey, Senior Leah Lisle and Junior Nina Zraik to mount a strong 2nd place finish in field of over 325 runners and 35 teams!

new xc tent .jpg

The Men’s team also performed well in a field of over 330 runners and 35 teams. The team finished 4th. They were led by Alex Phillip, Colin Scahill. Patrick White, Matt Sollenbeger and Chase Powers.

Please note the new and enlarged tent donated by the Fighting Irish XC parents. Thank you parents!

Here are the photos from the race (courtesy of Christian Lisle)!AlMMInR3s6uQh6tB0QtL6SMzaRGo1g


Avon Lake – Mountain #2 CAPTURED!


Congratulations to both the Men’s and Women’s team for another great team performance. Both teams captured 2nd place awards amongst a very strong division one field. Now, the quest begins to get more challenging. We are about the embark on our most difficult part of this journey. Envision the highest peak and continue to persevere in your God-given ability.

The link below is courtesy of Mr. Lisle once again. Thank you Mr. Lisle.!AlMMInR3s6uQh6d0jxccQCeSSQl3Cw

Glen Oak Invitational – Mountain #1 CONQUERED!


Both the Men’s and Women’s teams came out on top this past weekend at the Glen Oak Invitational. Both teams captured 1st place in a very convincing manner. The ladies had all 7 runners in the top 10 places in division 2. The guys had the top 5 runners finish in the top 10 spots. What was most impressive was that the B teams also placed in the top 10 against many division 1 teams. Great start to the season!

Thanks to the brilliant photos by Mr. Lisle, I am attaching the link to several outstanding photos. Also, please note, there is another link to a story written on Ohio Mile Split along with photos from Mr. Lisle about our team.!AlMMInR3s6uQh6JFuYbxibdHqCEgfA


camp photo 2017camp photo 4 2017camp photo 3 2017

This past weekend, the 2017 XC journey got underway. It was a tiring but very productive weekend at Mohican State Park. There were over 40 of the 50 members of the Fighting Irish 2017 team in attendance. Now it is on to envision the season one step at time. Each “mountain” will have it’s own challenges to conquer. Trust in your God-given ability. Remain faithful and trust in your self and your teammates. The next mountain to attack will be the Matt Kauffman 5k on August 12th.

I would like to thank Tim Rickus and his Subway branch in Green for once again donating all of the sub sandwiches for the trip. Tim has been providing this for free for the past 10 years!


At the State Track and Field Championship held at Jesse Owens track on Ohio State campus, our Fighting Irish were entered in 8 events. 5 of those events will now be displayed on the wall of honor with the men’s 4 x 200 repeating as State champions. Here are the final places for all 8 events:

State champions 4 x 800 Russell Cooper, Leanord Younger, Malik Wooldridge, De’Amonte King

De’Amonte King 2nd place in the 400 meters

Sara Foster 2nd place in the 300 meters with a new school record of 43.02

Alex Phillip 8th place in the 3200 meter run

Olivia Flesher 7th place in the long jump

ladies 4 x 200 took 9th place with Olivia Flesher, Jasmine Pooler, Sara Foster, Payton Pooler

Men’s 4 x 800 took 11th place with Patrick White, Alex Phillip, Matt Sollenberger, Connor McIntyer

Men’s 4 x 400 took 14th place with Malik Wooldridge, Matt Sollenberger, Leanord Younger, Desmond Rock

Thanks to the brilliant job of photography performed by our very own Mr.Christian Lisle I have a link showing the action shots of several of these events.!AlMMInR3s6uQh5wmwDt1H6_rx3dPCQ


Well the 2017 Fighting Irish journey begins in just a couple of weeks. I would like to welcome all of the new and returning runners back. I am thrilled at the number of initial sign ups. We currently have 29 males and 26 ladies on the roster. My main goal will be to keep all of you engaged in advancing your running ability. The theme for this year’s program will be “Envision the Highest Peak”. Piggybacking off of Dr. Leo Kormanick’s presentation from a couple of weeks ago, I want to capture and paraphrase  one central concept Doc had – ” you have to condition your brain as well as your body and it starts on day one”.

As I stated at the meeting I will be introducing two methods to success in order to assist each and everyone of you in your quest to becoming the best runner you can be. The first method will be for all beginners or those that do not initially see themselves as top elite runners – yet.

The second method is going to be for all of those runners who have aspirations of standing atop the podium in November. Together with a core of new and returning coaches, it will be our objective to guide all of you towards this highest peak.

The Saturday locations will be posted on the calendar in short time. Also, please don’t forget to sign up for the various food/drink categories. Remember, mark your calendar for Monday June 19th at 7:00 pm at Firestone Metro Park.


Hello Everyone,

It’s been awhile since I posted and apologize for this delay. We are well under way in track and field for the 2017 journey that prayerfully will end in Columbus. It has been an interesting cut up season so far due to all of the disruptions to the school schedule. However, despite this unconventional start to the season, the Fighting Irish Men and Women’s team show very promising potential to reach the state final in various events.

The highlights so far is the emergence of Junior Sara Foster in the 300 low hurdles. Sara is currently running times that she ran at the state finals where she finished in 7th place. Also, worth noting are the guys speed relays as well as the 4 x 800 relay team. The guys 4×200 actually started the season off by winning the indoor state championship. Since then, they have clocked state caliber times in the 4×100 as well. The guys 4×800 is also on pace to a repeat trip to Columbus. Last but certainly not least is the development of 3200 meter runner Leah Lisle who is clocking very impressive times so far.

Now that Easter break is upon us, it is a great time for the athletes to “recommit” to the total development of their given events. Once we get back from break, there is only 4 weeks to the post season. This break is a great opportunity to go into meditation and prayer and decide their own fate. For the seniors, this task is the most daunting. Trying to remain focused while the traditional format of school has concluded puts all of the seniors in more of a college role preparing for the NCAA than it does the typical high school athlete. However, the end result of a trip to the big dance awaits if this once in a lifetime commitment is present.

Once again, thanks to the brilliant photos by Mr. Christian Lisle, I will be submitting links of photos from several of our invitationals.

St. Joes Invite!AlMMInR3s6uQh4htq4g3DUP9OGkhhA

Bill Barry Invite!AlMMInR3s6uQh44gyN5sfAHN57p7SA