The Lady Irish showed their team strength this past weekend in Youngstown at the Boardman Invite by having the top 5 finish only 32 seconds apart to win the title ahead of Woodridge by over 20 points. Rounding out the scoring for the ladies were Aislynn McVicker, Sadie Porchowsky, Amelia Moll, Olivia Kindbom and Anne Rea

The guys team finished in 6th place against the top 15 teams in Northeast Ohio. After Chase and Andrew came Jackson Dietrick, Austin Zeiman and Dhiren Brickman.

Thanks to Mr. Christian Lisle, here is a link to several more action shots.!AlMMInR3s6uQidw4NzAc5RqHvW_DLQ?e=PNUvv5 Boardman Invite

Author: dlancian

I am the Head Cross Country and Track/Field coach for St. Vincent - St. Mary High School

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